Why I came to New York!

After graduating as an engineer from prestigious University with a degree in Turkey, I started looking for a job and quickly realized that my field wasn’t much more competitive than I thought it was. A crucial part of job hunting is networking, but I think that it should be called favoritism in Turkey! “Influential contacts” are what you really need.

If you are a woman in Turkey, being an engineer and gaining upward mobility in the workforce is really hard. I was expected to accept these conditions to start working, find a boyfriend to marry(you can’t be single and live alone!), and save money in order to buy a car and house like all the other Turkish people who graduate from University. Many Turkish people live this way without being happy and at peace. Even though the New York lifestyle attracted me, acting against my culture and the notions I grew up with, and trying to find my own way isn’t easy. After suddenly losing my grandparents, I realized that life was too short to keep delaying and waiting for something better to come along.

Being a New Yorker had always been my childhood dream; I couldn’t come up with a reason for not trying to make my dream come true. (money being one exception:) I knew that even if I were to be broke and homeless, it would be worth it to try and live in NYC!

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