Working Across Cultures – Sixth Week


This week, we obtained information about Working Across Cultures. I think that I wouldn’t learn this topic in any school different from EC’s GCD program. Look at the map and close your eyes and put your finger anywhere on the map that is all we have in GCD class which has a lot of different people who are from Asia, Middle East, South America, Europe. All we grew up entirely various countries and the way of thinking.

When we discuss in differences “opinion” and “fact”, I noticed that we interpret all of these distinctly. They are just “opinion” and “fact” as late as the way of distinguishing facts from the opinions was different for us. First time in my life, I understood and interiorized that why companies should give importance to diversity. That is the big reason; if the company want to be different, global, addresses to the world, they should pick employees from different countries. All international people’s have a different frame of mind and in this way, companies can bring together customer’s from all over the world under the same roof.
Also that, international’s behaviors and reactions are completely different to the cases. While we learn to understand issues and stages of international team building, we comprehended that how rapport management is tough. Especially, some terms expressed distinctive meaning for different countries. We understood by seeing.

Coming to know vocabularies related to culture and intercultural analysis was complicated. Our lecture gave us a puzzle to master the subject.



Our case study topic was about “Siemens”. We worked out meeting global and local needs in Siemens. Firstly, we grouped in class. My team holds an examination what Siemens’s does and Siemens’s globalization strategies, other teams, researched operating as part of a global market, Siemens in action, working across ‘sectors’ of an economy. After that, we gave a presentation about our research subjects.








Our other case study topic was the opening of a new supermarket in New York. We formed a group which had four people. Our class has three groups which had a chairperson. All we a part of the management committee in charge of deciding how the celebrate the opening. We had a budget of 50.000 (advertising, the day of opening). We discussed some of the rules in chairing a meeting. During our meeting, we applied these rules. All we were a manager of one particular department. For example, I was working in PR which means public relations. Depend on my working area; I determined that what our priorities were. My other classmate was managing the financial accounting, for this reason, when we decided to do some activities which have a high pay for opening, he always rejected. It was exactly such as a real meeting. Everyone follow this way and the lecture then brought us one challenge. For instance, I was an environmentalist person so that some departments wanted to distribute flier but I had to object them because fliers are a waste of paper, and I had to convince them to find a different way to the introductory new supermarket.

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