Rewarding Performance – Second Week


Let’s review what happened in the second week:

Firstly, let me just say, every week are harnessed in ways to make them understand better what we learned during these weeks in GCD program. Last week, we learned types of competitions which include monopoly, oligopoly, perfect competition in the business environment. Thereupon, this week started with critical analysis:

“Do you believe the government should protect certain industries?”

If I had to accept that, I thought that government shouldn’t conserve any industries. However, when we grouped, my group had to support that states should have preserved certain industries. In this way, two groups have done research at full length. After I searched, next day, my sharp opinion about this topic mainly changed, and my view of the business environment majorly altered.

In this week, Most amusing incident is establishing our company which is independent about the sector, company’s past, company’s target, date of establishment, It is just up to you!

Honestly, I severely criticize everything in my life because I am a perfectionist so I can’t bear any silly things. First I heard that what we should do, I thought about this task that doesn’t show reality because any company doesn’ t have the chance to change their past, etc. Following step, when I struggled to choose my company’s sector or my company’s past then I suddenly realized that this task help to me to figure out which crucial points are more efficient to appeal customers.

My lovely friend Jiyoung, who is from Korea, and me (ipek) generated our cosmetic company which was named “Jipekyoung”. Our slogan was “ Stay Young and Use Jipekyoung!”. Actually, we always have a restricted time to do all tasks, but herewith, we can learn to use the time effectively. I am not saying that it is enough to launch a company in the business environment, even so, we could figure out how it works.

When we created our company, we weren’t completely free because we had some challenges to overcome. For instance, our company had seen some difficult times in history so we found some problems which could happen and then we thought that how we went beyond them. Everything about our company should have made sense because we tried to deal with distributors who were our other classmates. They asked to us “ Why we should have sold your products?” and we struggled to persuade them.


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We always raced against the time, when we are doing a presentation.


For instance, after second world war, our cosmetic company established in 1950. It was first cosmetic company which invented some creams to heal injuries. “Jipekyoung” got over difficult times in 1960-1970’ s because of feministic wind which rejected make-up to women. In the sequel, natural makeup was popular, and our company overcame that decade.

Moreover, while everyone did a presentation in our class, we gave them score how were their presentation. Actually, I am a tough person so convincing me is not easy. I assessed them very strictly, and my instructor then said that we had to explain to our friends why we gave this score them and why they deserved that. It was the really difficult part for me. I exactly knew why I gave their score lowly but on the other hand, I didn’t want to break their heart. In this class, we sometimes have to challenge our personalities.



Finally, our lecture Maha evaluated our presentations. She really gives importance to us because she explained our strengths and weaknesses and she then gave us her recommendation letter. I can say she is totally amazing!


Friday in this week, Sara Golder who is a profession of human resources did the presentation to us via Skype. We talked about human resources’ responsibility and which steps they manage in organizations.

You can check out our Skype conversations limited part:


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