Presentation Time – Eighth Week


This week, I presented to my classmates what we did during two months in GCD program.

It was GCD’s last week in the first term. It was tiring as late as productive experience. I took more than expected of GCD’s first term. At the same time, I met some friends who study different colleges in New York but unfortunately, their experience weren’t like me. Most of them were thinking that many colleges are just money trap in the USA. I can see why they think like that. Because of Turkish education system, we got used to studying hard. If something isn’t your interest or major, you still have to learn all information in Turkish education system.


For example, I’m an engineer, but while being an engineer, you have to take the good score from biology test too. I know that sound was terrible. Later, my major which is metallurgical and material engineering is really well-rounded. Nobody can be expert all sections in this science, but all students have to learn silly details in all sections to be a graduate from engineering. Therefore, all people know some things which are not enough to be professional in all areas. It is totally Turkish education system’s catch!


On the other hand, American education system presents to students right to life. Students can improve their ability in one special area, and they can also have a social life. When American education system compared with Turkish, I can just say that poor Turkish students! I’m exactly a social person, and I believe that I have to meet new people and consume daily thousands of words to stay healthy in terms of mental, but God knows that I couldn’t go out of my house during last two years in my university life. It is unfair. Your coeval friends who lives different country than yours can discover the world and maybe they can think about today’s world and invent something but you can’t. Believe me, being a 25 and engineer, you can’t make bold to move the NYC if you raised with Turkish morality and education system. The world order is a circle, going out is not easy!


Eight week’s speaker was Aby Abraham. He gave information about Mortgage system in the USA. He talked about how buying house system changed in the USA during last decade. Some of my friends who studied finance and business management in their country interested in this topic and they asked many questions to Abraham. They had a lot of information about this topic because this is their major field. In this way, other students as me who didn’t have any idea about Mortgage, they came to know with this interactive presentation.






We had made a presentation with groups through the first term but this time, we had to present ourselves individually without a group. Everyone was so excited, and all started to pick its topic. Everyone tried to find which topic expressed me to my international friends.


PS: It was my mistake, while everyone was making a presentation, I would like to tape all of them. I proud of my all classmates because they had a great job. As late as, my iPhone didn’t store because of lack of memory. Next time, I promise that I will be much more careful.

Check it out my all lovely friends photos and videos.






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