Organizational Culture – Fourth Week


I had left astern my first month in New York. This week in GCD program, our topic was about “Organizational Culture”. It was hard to understand this subject for me. I don’t have any work experience in a corporate company. Terms and theories were far away from me. Understanding organizations culture, perceiving transitions and relationships between departments were hard for me, especially try to do all of these things without native language.

Beyond these, GCD helped us to find out which organizational culture suits us. Firstly, we made a funny test and in the wake of that test; we learned that which kind of sector and which kind of organization is favorable for us. The result of my test clarified why I am here. It is the totally right choice for me. My stereotype showed that task culture is best for me.

Some of the people can think that it is nonsense, when you looked back on my background, I’m successful, I have a lot of abilities, I took many job offers without applying any companies, but any of these weren’t enough to satisfy from my life. I’m trying to find what I really want from my life and what makes me happy during my life. If someone believes that these are bullshit, they are just diffident to go towards different way which they desire to go. Keep this in your mind! Life is too short to be scared of anything.

When I didn’t understand some deep part of our topic in the week, thanks to GCD program’s learning system, you couldn’t skip anything. Let me explain you:

In this week, we learned a lot of words about “Organizational Culture”, but I wasn’t sure to perceive every word and every structure. Following days, our lovely teacher, who is Maha, could understand what we didn’t get it, so she gave us puzzle from the words which we learned that week. Also, we learned role culture, task culture, power, and person culture in organizations. Firstly, I supposed that I saw the point but after then when we started to play a jigsaw, I suddenly realized that I had some troubles on this topic. By this way, we find out what is more challenging for us in this matter, and we gave some thought to it.

It was our jigsaw.

After theory part, you have to do task and output in this program. For instance, this week, we examined some companies’ features which their age, technology, goals, objectives and environment and we tried to identify and figure out their culture. We brainstormed with our classmates if they were mixed both of organizational cultures, what they would obtain.

In our case study, we grouped, and one of group members was working on research department, and another group of the member was working in the sales department. We performed reaching agreement techniques when we were trying to deal with another group. Therefore, we understood problems between main department’s and how they can solve these problems.

The most a sad of affairs in this week, a lot of friends left.


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