E-Marketing – Fifth Week

I have never gotten professional experience about marketing field as late as I believe that I could be successful in this area and I also wanted to learn cornerstones. As well as being the successful engineer, I know that I am good at being creative and imaginative likewise thinking analytical and logical, so that is the main reason why to want to perceive most important principles of marketing.
When we were learning marketing in this week, we had some classmates who are working on marketing so that we took advantages of their business experiences and they helped us to learn this topic easily. Moreover, my all classmates come from all over the world in order to participate EC’s GCD program. On this opportunity, when we brainstormed and debated with each other, we could learn a good many different information from their counties mindset and way of thinking. If we desired to take this information, we would work in their country but via GCD we got it.
In this week, we had the discussion about people’s and our shopping habits, why and when we shop. We talked about future of high street and online shopping. We learned term and theory about marketing and e-marketing. After we had learned 4C and 4P, we debated over how companies are going to change 4C.
Our case study topic was Dell Computer. We listened to a speech which was given by marketing director of Dell, so we got information about e-marketing strategy in Dell Computer. We compared Dell and Apple, and we watched Steve Jobs response to Micheal Dell.
You can check it out here:
We did e-market research. Firstly, we were grouped, and we conducted a short market research survey to collect information. We did research with EC’ s advanced class students who are above 30 years of age. Thanks to responses collected, we compared and contrasted e-marketing success last decade and next decade in the technology industry. After we had commented all collected information with our group, we learned report writing techniques, and we reported the findings of our survey, and we concluded that how computer company’s future strategy should be.

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