Fostering Creativity – Third Week


3rd week started with discussing one sentence:

“Creative thinking is not a talent; it is a skill that can be learned.”

While we debated this, our instructor asked us “ Who is creative in our class?” Who likes to show up its ability in community raises its hand to say “I am a creative person.” and then when class finished, everyone was thinking “ I can be a creative person too.” Career Development Class helps to everyone to explore their abilities. In my view, I still believe that creative thinking is a talent and people born with this capability, and I am a creative person. I just need to improve my abilities to create difference than the others.

Next step, Instructor gave a task to create a problem and then try to solve that. Everyone in the class had a trouble and we all just needed to think about finding a solution.
We used 5Ws and 1H creative technique to try to solve our problems. My problem was about not finding any pillows in Manhattan. I came to New York two weeks ago, and firstly I stayed residence where has a pillow in Brooklyn then last weekend I moved to Manhattan. Shortly, I really want to find cheap pillow because I actually found pillow which is the most expensive pillow in the world. Following this, I found an excellent idea, but I don’t want to talk about this on my blog. Who knows maybe one day I can be an entrepreneur with my idea. I could only say that being obliged to sleep without pillow is my opinion’ s starting point:)


We also got into what business pitch is. We watched videos about that, and we have paused videos and try to forecast which investors want to support some entrepreneurs ideas. Moreover, we had task again. We grouped, and every team chose some new products to do business pitch. If we invented this product, how we would present a business pitch to investors. If you wonder what business pitch is, I suggest you watch to “Shark Tank“.
In presentation day, everyone tried to sell its product to an investor. I didn’t expect that after our first performances in the first week, everyone would show improvement in a short span of time but they did. I would say, nothing isn’ t much better than practice.

For instance, we set team, and our team picked GoCycle electric bike. Our slogan was” think green”. When I was creating this motto, I took inspiration from Steve Jobs who said the world “ think different”. Then we decided to who should present particular chapter. Due to I am a metallurgical and material engineer, and I do know features of all materials, and how they can produce so, I took product description part, my teammate, who is working in marketing area in Spain, took product’s opportunities, revenue model, and competitions. He explained that who is the target market, how our company make a profit and compete with other businesses. My other teammate, who is from Taiwan and work on public relations, wanted to do a presentation about who our company is and what our company vision, our product is trying to solve what kind of problem.

And after, our classmates did a presentation. One of the groups produced the 3D printing pen, one of group produced lock and unlock your door from smartphone and they called “mykey”. In my view, I would like to buy mykey, but it is not suitable for investment. I chose 3D printing pen because it helps to engineers and architects who struggle to explain their ideas during really long hours, this pen can create a solution for them, and also it is funny to create a toy for children.




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Latest development as far as I considered in career development class, in this presentation, every group created one story, who sold mykey they had a story. They said that they were friends in the same university, and they were sharing same apartment and keys caused problem their life because all the time they forgot their keys and wanted to solve this problem. It was amazing; it was the story. Moreover, who did 3D printing pen, they said that we were teachers, we noticed that children lose their creativity, and they tried to find a solution who want to improve their creativity. It was the amazing story too.
Finally, in this week, we found out the difference between a survey and focus group. We tried to create how our product can exactly catch our target customer. I gave information to you about our products. We prepared to plan for our focus group. We thought about questions to ask for our focus group. Then EC’s curriculum director, who is Jennifer Meldrum, came to show us how focus group activity should be. She was fantastic. I can’t believe that all EC staff are great, I haven’t had any bad experience YET in EC. She offered beverages and light snacks. She totally cared about focus group activity rules. She gave importance to everyone’s thought.


You can check it out the video here, and you can see how our class atmosphere was.


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