Global Career Development Program

ipek-civicakan-ec-global-career-development-programThe EC Global Career Development Program is completely new. When I decided to come to New York, I researched a lot of programs that would help me improve my skills. Generally, master programs last two years in the USA, which is quite long, and it is really hard to get accepted into a program. You must be able to speak English like a native. Let’s reduce our expectations! On a brighter note, getting accepted into certificate programs is much easier than doing a master but you still have to overcome some obstacles to getting high scores on the TOEFL or IELTS and the fact that these programs last almost a year.

Consequently, EC’ s Global Career Development program aroused my interest and helped me find what I needed. My English level is good enough to get by as a tourist and student but not ideal for a global engineer or for someone who wants to get a masters degree. Also, my main major is not directly linked to management, so that was an additional reason I chose this program. You can take Global Career Development classes while you take General English lessons at EC, How great does that sound!

Nobody in Turkey has any idea about this program. In my view, agencies have not fully understood the appeal of it yet, which is why I am going to summarize the program and its components.

The Global Career Development program lasts six months. The first two months, focus on the acquisition of knowledge, the second two months, focus on the student’s interests and the last two months, focus on communicating with local managers. You can find this information on EC’ s website, but I will be giving detailed descriptions on my blog as the program progress.

From the first week in EC’s Global Career Development in New York, I realized that I didn’t have enough information to become a successful engineer in a global environment. Through all my university life, I learned how to design and produce new products from scratch (from A to Z). Although the education I received is invaluable, I wasn’t taught how to manage the operations of an organization, and I had never given any thought to what kind of business environment I wanted to work in. To put it simply, I never learned what was really going on in the world of business.

I will not be giving any lectures on my blog, but I will be sharing my experiences with you. EC is delivering much more than I had ever expected. Their education system simply flabbergasts me.

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