Competitive Environment – First Week


Let’s look at what we did our first week:

Over the first week, our topic was competitive environments. We learned the theory, language, and concepts of competitive environments all the while practicing a variety of skills like listening, reading, speaking. You have to pay attention and participate in class activities in order to be fully immersed, but you do not need to study much more in your leisure time to figure out the material.

The school’s system makes what you learn unforgettably. Let me give you an example. In my view, using phrasal verbs in business environments is pretty difficult, but it can be beneficial in my field of business. The teacher used different techniques to teach these phrasal verbs to have us remember them. Sports metaphors were used to evoke commonly used phrasal verbs in business.

In the same week, we learned mind-mapping and note- taking techniques which are both useful skills in the business world. You might be able to take some courses about these things, but GCD allows the students to put these concepts into practice. After we had comprehended all the aspects competitive environments, we read articles about highly competitive companies. We then compared and contrasted them through debates which allowed us to understand the different types of competition further.

Lastly, in groups, we chose different kinds of industries. Each group was given a company to research (Coca-cola, Apple…). We then critically analyzed our company and the industry it operates in and prepared and delivered presentations using mind maps.


It was only our first week in New York City, and I honestly had not expected such an intense course! But it was so much fun!

I had so much fun preparing my group’ s mind-map that I wanted took a video of my group in action and then this idea came to my mind: I would like to introduce this program to students and agencies, and here we are!

You can check out some pictures below:

This group’ s presentation was about Coca-Cola.



IMG_4365At that moment, they were trying to respond classmate’s questions.
(You can figure out from their face:))

This group’s presentation was about Apple.








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