Change Management – Seventh Week


After we had studied organizational culture last week, the seventh week started to work on the dice theory of successful change management. We learned how to plan and evaluate change using the dice formula. We discussed that what factors or people are stopping us making these changes. I mentioned you before, every week associated with each other in GCD program.

We have grouped that each group has four students to read and search a different part of dice theory which consists of duration, integrity, commitment and efforts. This method is an exactly right way to learn because you have to perceive what you learned, and you then have to explain your part. In this way, you can get rid of a lot of workloads, and also each of group members focused on their part up to the hilt. In the final process, each group member explains their topic which was given by lecture.


Moreover, we had a task to stay on a desert island during three months. Firstly, everyone thought what they need to stay on a desert island and our lecture then grouped us randomly. Every team tried to find ten objects to take along. As late as, dealing with my teammate was most hard part because we came from different countries and we have different experiences from each other. After this task, every team determined their ten products to stay alive on a desert island. Depend on these products; all class weighed up that which team would survive. This task was like competition so that we argued the toss. I saw that how people had a passion for being successful because everyone was professional in their individual area but survival on the island was an entirely weird thing. For instance, my lovely friend Mauricio didn’t accept to take an ax; he just wanted to take a knife. Persuading him to take an ax was the hardest process for me.

In this week, our lecture’s sister, Lama Bazzi came to as the guest speaker. She was a doctor in the USA, and she wasn’t from the USA so that she told us what kind of challenges she came across. What her fault was, what she should have done. She was totally honest. She also could understand us easily because she was international like us. Time flew when she was doing a presentation and answering all of our questions.


lama3 lama2

My majority is totally different than hers, but it doesn’t matter. I took inspiration from Lama. She provided information us about cultural sensitivity, overcoming challenges in business, cultural factors affecting business. We argued about communication styles, attitudes about time, body language, leadership style and successful teamwork across cultures.

I want to stay in New York so that I need to have knowledge about working with New Yorkers which helps me to be New Yorker!

This week, our output topic was planning and evaluating change using dice theory at work. We had to introduce a new form of a job assessment or system of working hours. For instance, I altered the system of working hours in a company where I wanted to work because I believe that some people are a morning person and the others are a night owl. I think that when people can work efficiently, they should work at that time. The technology developed in this century (bosses should use the technology for rallying the troops instead of buying iPhone 7, when it came onto the market), and it is going to be better day by day. Companies can use several programs to control employees working hours. It is not common in Turkey, but I didn’t expect that it won’t be available in New York too! After I had moved to the NYC, I met many people who work in advertising, marketing, information technology fields and they said that their company doesn’t allow them to work free hours. All of these jobs interested in being creative but companies still doesn’t care. Also, It is New York, if it isn’t become popular in this city, it won’t happen anywhere else in the world.

Finally, again and again, I perceived that all internationals grow up different cultures, and we have utterly different morals and quite a different view of the world. At this moment, I could see that why globalization grows in the business environment and why global companies want to work with international employees. That is the reason, international employees look different perspectives to the world so if companies want the appeal to clients from all over the world, they must employ international, and they must care about diversity.

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